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 【Workshop】“Where is the Arab Gandhi?” Violent and Nonviolent Protest Movements in the Middle East: Dialogue with Wendy Pearlman

Wendy Perlman is a Professor of Political Science at Northwestern University. She is the author of We Crossed a Bridge and It Trembled: Voices from Syria, of which Japanese translation was published in 2019. In her Violence, Nonviolence, and the Palestinian National Movement (Cambridge University Press, 2011), she empirically examined various aspects of violence and nonviolence in the history of the Palestinian movement in terms of the dynamics of cohesion and fragmentation, drawing comparisons with the movements in Ireland and South Africa. In this workshop, we will discuss with the author various aspects of violenc
e and nonviolence in the recent Palestinian, Iraqi, and Syrian protest movements.

【Date and Time】June 18 2022, 17:30-19:30

【Venue】 Waseda University,Toyama Campus, Building32, Room 325
Toyama Campus – Waseda University

【Language】 English

17:30-17:40 Introduction (Kaoru Yamamoto, Keio University)
17:40-18:00 Keynote Speech (Wendy Pearlman, Northwestern University)
18:00-18:10 Comments from the Palestinian case study (Makiko Nambu, Tokyo Univ
ersity of Foreign Studies)
18:10-18:20 Comments from the Iraqi case study (Keiko Sakai, Chiba University)
18:20-18:30 Comments from the Syrian case study (Hiroki Okazaki, Asia Universi
18:40-19:30 Q&A discussions

【Co-hosted by】
JSPS Grant-in-aid for Scientific Research (A) Protest on the Street, and Reconsider the Nation: from the view points of space, violence and resonance (Principal Investigator: Noriko Sakai/ Chiba University)
JSPS Grant-in-aid for Scientific Research (A) Humanistic and Cross-Disciplinary Research of the Relationship between Humans and their “Homelands” in the Transnational Era (Principal Investigator: Mari Oka/ Kyoto University)

【Contact】Professor Kaoru Yamamoto(Keio University)<>